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Attraction - Gwangmyeong Cave, Korean Folk Village, Sky Ranch, Starfield Library, Ikseon-dong Hanok Village, Everland Theme Park / Experience - Feeding Sheep, DIY Gimbap, Hanbok Wearing / Shopping - Dongdaemun Market, Myeongdong / Taste - Boiled Squid and pork Bulgogi in hot stew, BBQ Buffet, Jjimdak, Abalone ginseng chicken soup.


School Holiday

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Singapore Airport - Incheon (MOB)



Incheon – Jeongseon (_/L/D)

•	Gwangmyeong Cave - The cave was used when Korea was under Japanese rule from 1910 to 1945 for mining purposes and was staffed by forced laborers.The cave complex re-opened in 2011 for tourism purposes and now has historical exhibits, but is chiefly entertainment-focused, with aquariums, sculptures, light shows, children's amusements, and other attractions, including an underground winery.

•	Korean Folk Village [INC: Traditional Village + Amusement Village Free pass] – introduces 
traditional culture from the late Joseon period to both local and international visitors through cultural classes experience, shaman faith, seasonal customs and others.


Jeongseon - Pyeongchang (B/L/_)

•	Samcheok Ocean Rail Bike [4Pax per cart] - is Korea's one and only ocean railbike facility that offers a landscape view of black pines and bizarre rocks merged together. Its double-tracked route of 5.4km follows the beautiful shoreline of the East Sea with a tunnel along its way that entertains bikers with fascinating luminarie and laser shows, giving feelings as if it is passing through a mysterious underwater tunnel.

•	Chooam Candle Stick Rock - The rock formation has been around for hundreds of years.  A famous sunrise festival is held here each year.  Many people try to capture a photo of the sun rising off the horizon and match it with the rock formation so it looks like a candle.  

•	Gangneung Unification Park - It’s composed of a Unification Security Pavilion that is a ship-shaped pavilion with display facilities and a Warship Pavilion. The land for the Warship Pavilion was reclaimed from the sea to provide the location for a captured North Korean submarine and decommissioned naval warship.

•	Gangneung Central Market - The market is divided into two main parts; one is a traditional market and the other is an underground fishery market. The second floor has a restaurant and coffee shops. Vendors display their products along the street, providing a typical scene of a traditional market and an opportunity to learn about the life of people in Gangneung.


Pyeongchang - Gyeonggi (B/L/_)

•	Sky Ranch[INC: Feeding Sheep + Tractor Riding] - is a huge ranch of 10 million sqm (2,471 acres). Over 400 cows, 100 sheep, 40 horses and goats graze in this vast natural grassland. The ranch was established in 1974 and is only opened to the public in 2014. Daegwallyeong Sky Ranch is also one of the largest dairy farms in Korea. 

•	Everland with free Pass - As one of the world’s most popular outdoor amusement park, Everland features a large combination of leisure, entertainment, education and culture. Explore the beautiful and splendid amusement park. 


Gyeonggi – Seoul (B/L/D)

•	Hot Place Museum - is a new concept of interactive zones that creates new values in one place through the convergence of art and technology. It is located in Garosu-gil, Gangnam, a representative street of Seoul.

•	Sinsadong Garosugil - The street (also known as ‘artists' street’) has an eccentric flair thanks to its variety of charmingly decorated coffee shops, and designer stores. Garosu-gil is particularly popular in autumn when the golden ginkgo leaves begin to fall.

•	Starfield Library – Located in the middle of COEX Central Plaza, Starfield Library offers visitors a perfect reading space. Two-floored library has 13-meter high bookshelf and soft lights to ease the eyes as well as various types of tables with electric plugs for those with laptops. With more than 50,000 books ranging from literature to hobbies as well as over 400 types of magazines, visitors can enjoy reading interesting books in the middle of a shopping center.

•	Ikseon-dong Hanok Village - Ikseon-dong's Hanok Village was first established in the 1920s, and with the passing of time, modernism caught up with tradition to create the unique atmosphere found here today. Despite its recent popularity as a tourist attraction, the village is still a lived-in neighborhood, home to many residents.

•	Dongdaemun Market - Head over for Dongdaemun Market, one of the most popular wholesale shopping areas in Seoul among Koreans and tourists alike.


Seoul (B/L/_)

•	Compulsory shopping stops: Ginseng Outlet, Healthy Liver Shop, Cosmetic Duty Free   

•	Gyeongbok Palace - Gyeongbok Palace was the main palace during the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). It is the most comprehensive and grandest of the five palaces of the Joseon Dynasty.  **(Closed on every Tuesday) 

•	Seaweed Museum [INC: DIY Gimbap Making + Hanbok Wearing]

•	N-Seoul Tower [EXCLUDE: Observatory] - the first tower-type tourism spot in Korea.

•	Myeongdong - Enjoy more shopping sensations in Myeongdong, one of Seoul’s main shopping and tourism districts.


Seoul (B/_/_)

•	Free at Leisure on your own expenses


Seoul - Incheon Airport - Singapore (B/MOB)

•	Local products & souvenir store

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